Why Blueclinic?

Who we are and why Blueclinic exist


Why Blueclinic?

More and more people in the UK are buying medication online. And a good deal of those purchases are drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Because this is a condition men are often ashamed to admit suffering from, many don’t want to talk to their doctor or pharmacist about it. On the other hand, buying online is not always safe. Even if the drugs are genuine – and there’s a very good chance they’re not: more than 50% of all those sold on the internet are fake1 – neither the buyer nor the seller can be sure they’re the right product for the condition being treated. That’s why we’ve set up Blueclinic.

Benefits of Blueclinic:
 UK's Lowest Price
 Free Next Day Delivery
 Genuine Medication

Unique platform

My Own Chemist believes in this concept, too. That’s why it dispenses, sells and supplies the drugs prescribed by an independent GMC licensed online doctor. My Own Chemist respects your privacy by handling your prescriptions with the utmost discretion. It also checks for interactions and contra-indications of the prescribed product, before sending it to you under plain cover.

What we stand for

Blueclinic facilitates safe, confidential help for men in the UK with erectile dysfunction. We are the reliable place to obtain treatment for your problem through an independent online doctor, with your prescriptions dispensed, sold and send to you discreetly by My Own Chemist.

There are no face-to-face meetings with the online doctor, but you are still assured sound medical advice so that you can obtain and use your prescription medication safely. Requesting treatment is also quick and easy, sparing you time-consuming trips to doctors and pharmacies.

[1] The World Health Organization (WHO), Growing threat from counterfeit medicines. Retrieved June 12, 2017, from who.int.

Low Price Guarantee

Our UK's Lowest Price promise means that you will be charged the lowest price only for our services in the UK.

Found a lower price elsewhere for exactly the same treatment? And does that price include online prescription and next day delivery too? We will refund the difference and adjust the prices on our website. Note that for every extra pack you buy, you save £5 to pass on the lower dispensing fees, postage and packaging costs (not on drugs). At Blueclinic you are confident that you pay the lowest price!