Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Discover the full range of treatments for erectile dysfunction and choose your best option


Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Discover the full range of treatments for erectile dysfunction and request the best solution for you. Overcoming your erection problems is easy with Blueclinic. You can find out the cause and then seek expert treatment. A range of treating options is available. Blueclinic puts your privacy first, with your case dealt with discreetly by a fully qualified independent online doctor. So there’s no need to visit your own GP if you'd like to treat your erectile dysfunction.

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ED Medication as treatment

If the independent online doctor decides that medication is the best treatment for your problem, you will be prescribed one of a range of drugs. The genuine products you can request discreetly through the UK partner pharmacy are avanafil (Spedra®), sildenafil (Viagra® and generic), tadalafil (Cialis®) and vardenafil (Levitra®).

At the beginning of your request for treatment, you have the option to choose your preferred medication. The online doctor considers this when deciding the best treatment for you. As well as your preferred brand, you can also request the strength you would like (number of milligrams), the number of tablets and the number of packs. In other words, you request erectile dysfunction treatment in the same way that you obtain other online medical services. The independent pharmacy only supplies genuine UK-approved medication, prescribed safely and discreetly by a fully qualified online doctor and dispensed by a UK pharmacy.

Other ED treatments

If the online doctor believes that medication is not the best solution in your case, he may instead recommend another form of treatment. For example: counselling, a penis pump, a penis ring or self-injection therapy (ICI). In some cases, a combination of medication and therapy may be recommended.

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Request treatment for your erectile dysfunction by a fully qualified online doctor through Blueclinic. The discreet UK partner pharmacy then dispenses the genuine medication you have been prescribed and sends it to you under plain cover. Click on the links to find out more about medication and other treatments for erection problems, and to view the price list for the medicines you can request for through Blueclinic.

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Our UK's Lowest Price promise means that you will be charged the lowest price only for our services in the UK.

Found a lower price elsewhere for exactly the same treatment? And does that price include online prescription and next day delivery too? We will refund the difference and adjust the prices on our website. Note that for every extra pack you buy, you save £5 to pass on the lower dispensing fees, postage and packaging costs (not on drugs). At Blueclinic you are confident that you pay the lowest price!