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Can I choose what drugs I order?

When submitting your request for treatment to Blueclinic, you can indicate your preferred erectile dysfunction medication. But it is up to the online doctor to confirm that this is the right product for you. If it’s not, he may suggest an alternative drug or another form of treatment. Note, however, that you can only order UK-government approved oral medication for erectile dysfunction through Blueclinic. This is then dispensed and sent to you, under plain cover, by a registered UK pharmacy.

Can I request other forms of treatment?

At Blueclinic you will find full information about other ways of treating your erectile dysfunction, not just medication. You can also consult the independent GMC licensed qualified online doctor in confidence. As a result of this, he may recommend another form of treatment or decide that a combination of drugs and other therapies is the best solution for you. That all depends upon your situation and preferences, as well as the doctor’s opinion. By other therapies we mean counselling, a penis pump, a penis ring or self-injection therapy (ICI). These are not available through Blueclinic, however. To obtain them, you must make an appointment with your own GP.

Do I get instructions with my medication, like how much to take and how often?

Yes, this is all provided in the official, government-approved patient information leaflet (PIL) included in each pack of the medication you order. You can also find PILs and other product information on the website of the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

What if I’m not happy with the effects of my medication?

If you have any questions about how your drugs work, you need to contact the online doctor through your personal dashboard.

How exactly does Blueclinic work?

Submitting a request for treatment through Blueclinic is really easy - it takes just three steps!

  • Step 1 - indicate your preferred medication
  • Step 2 - complete the medical questionnaire
  • Step 3 - submit your request

Your request is considered immediately. As soon as it’s approved by the online doctor, you receive an e-mail with details of how to pay. Once your payment is received, The My Own Chemist pharmacy dispenses and dispatches your order for delivery within one to two working days.

Where can I check the status of my request?

You can track your request in your own personal online dashboard. Its current status is shown as soon as you log in. We also keep you up to date by e-mail.

I’m suffering side-effects - what should I do?

It’s important that you always report any side-effects of taking medication, you can report side-effects using the YellowCard website of the MHRA. Don’t forget to inform your own GP as well.

Low Price Guarantee

Our UK's Lowest Price promise means that you will be charged the lowest price only for our services in the UK.

Found a lower price elsewhere for exactly the same treatment? And does that price include online prescription and next day delivery too? We will refund the difference and adjust the prices on our website. Note that for every extra pack you buy, you save £5 to pass on the lower dispensing fees, postage and packaging costs (not on drugs). At Blueclinic you are confident that you pay the lowest price!